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Our History:

ScanTech Instruments Inc. was started over 20 years ago by non-destructive testing technicians that wanted to change the way corrosion mapping was performed. They set out to design corrosion mapping systems that were innovative, reliable, and efficient. ScanTech continues to push the boundaries of technology by designing some of the most powerful and robust scanners on the market. Because of our experience in the field, we understand that all facets of an ultrasonic scanning system are paramount to a successful inspection. Therefore, we engineer everything from the software, transducer, and scanner with the inspector in mind. 

ScanTech's Location

What We Do: 

ScanTech designs and manufactures application specific ultrasonic scanning systems.  We provide turn-key systems for applications such as storage tank wall corrosion, paper machine dryer thinning, tubing inspection, pipeline integrity, and general corrosion inspection. We offer motorized and manual B-scan devices like the X2 Spider along with the versatile XR Spider and other specialized automated C-scan solutions.  We also offer automated and manual weld mapping products.  By providing fully integrated systems and related training, we allow our customers to implement the latest tools while concentrating on their core  competency of inspection service. Extensive on-hand inventory and dedication to service help us to keep our customers productive during critical inspections. Our NDT experience allows us to leverage our engineering capabilities to ensure that good ideas in the laboratory remain practical and useful in the field.  Our primary goals include design excellence, innovation, quality, and customer service.

Our engineers work with you to create unique scanners that work efficiently and effectively. 


Our Analyst software is designed to work in conjunction with our scanner systems and is easy to navigate. 

We know how important it is to quickly get help with your scanner system, so we provide in-person and phone support to all of our customers. 

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