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XS "Switchgear" Modules

XS "Switchgear" Modules

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October 28-31, 2018

ASNT Conference

ScanTech will have a booth at the annual ASNT conference in Houston, TX. Come find us to see our newest technologies.

December 2017

Analyst NDX

The Analyst NDX is a turn-key system used for scanning steam drums. This unique scanner provides continuous revolution and high resolution scanning for rapid, high quality results. Check out our scanners and software pages to read more about this high precision scanning system.

June 2018

RoHS Compliant Scanners Now Available

ScanTech is committed to being environmentally friendly, so we are now offering RoHS compliant scanner systems. RoHS is a standard set by the European Union to eliminate harmful substances in electronics such as lead and mercury. Contact us to find out more about our RoHS compliant systems. 

July 2017

X Controller

The new X controller has been upgraded and is configurable for all of our newest systems. This controller is more powerful and more compact making it easy to transport to and from job sites. Check out all of our scanner add-ons  to find out more.

February 2018

New Module for XS Scanner Released

A new configuration for the XS "Switchgear" scanner has been released. This configuration is a manual weld scanner providing you with precision positioning and reliable scan maps. This scanner can hold up to 6 probes and can be used with phased array or TOFD transducers. Additional modules can be purchased, enabling you to reconfigure the scanner for additional applications. Check out our products page to view additional XS scanner configurations. 

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