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Analyst NDX
  • Analyst NDX

    ScanTech's NDX scanner system is compatible with the Analyst NDX ™ software. Analyst NDX ™ software is designed with the user in mind and allows for easy navigation through the setup, analysis, and reporting. The software includes a calibration checklist to guide you through the process, and allows you to store custom calibration tubes.

    The software allows for automated data acquisition and real-time monitoring of the A-, B-, and C-scans. Data can easily be re-gated after it has been collected creating a smooth, clean scan. Re-gating is as simple as clicking and dragging the gate to the new desired position, and modifying the length, height, and curvature. A 3D model of the tube can be generated from the scan data and can be exported to an external viewer to be viewed by a customer or to be further analyzed. Reports can be customized for each job and templates can be created for automated reporting. Analyst NDX ™ is incredibly powerful software that was designed to be user-friendly and provides the reliability you have come to expect from ScanTech.

    • Key Features

      Optimize data return with a proprietary curved gate

      Generate a 3D model of scan data and export to external viewer

      Re-gate scan data after the scan is complete

      Customize reports and create templates for each individual job

      Creates a tube sheet to track all scans for a single steam drum

    • Compatible Scanners

      NDX Scanner System

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