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Analyst XR
  • Analyst XR

    ScanTech's XR Spider and XS “Switchgear” scanner systems are compatible with the Analyst XR™ software. Analyst XR™ software is designed with the user in mind and allows for easy navigation through the setup, analysis, and reporting. The software includes instructions to guide you through calibration and provides automated data acquisition and analysis.

    Data can easily be re-gated after it has been collected creating a smooth, clean scan. Re-gating is as simple as clicking and dragging the gate to the new desired position, and modifying the length, height, and curvature. Multiple scans can be stitched together to generate a 3D corrosion model of the entire vessel or pipe. The 3D model can be exported to an external viewer to be viewed by a customer or to be further analyzed. Reports can be customized for each job and templates can be created for automated reporting. Analyst XR™ is incredibly powerful software that was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so you can spend less time learning and more time working.

    • Key Features

      Proprietary curved gate for optimizing data return

      Generate a 3D model of scan data and export to external viewer

      Re-gate scan data after the scan is complete

      Perform B31G analysis on scan data with automated analysis

      Customizable reporting for each individual job

      Export a table of the min, max, and mean thickness of each scan

    • Compatible Scanners

      XR Spider Scanner

      XS “Switchgear” Scanner

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