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BPS System Power Pack
  • BPS System Power Pack

    The BPS system power pack is designed to be a portable power supply for the scanner and controller. The BPS comes in a rugged vertical case and provides an integrated storage system for the power supply, charger, and cords.  The BPS has a battery life of over 8 hours providing you with a cordless option for job sites with limited access to a power supply. It displays a battery level meter on the control panel and provides an audible low battery warning. The BPS is designed to be rugged and dependable, so you get scan maps that are precise and reliable.

    • System Features

      DC battery/AC adapter switch

      Over-discharge protection

      Audible low battery warning

      Rugged Mil-style electrical connectors

      Power protection fuse

      Over 8 hours of battery life

      Integrated storage for power supply, charger, and cords

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