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X2 Spider Analyst D2S System
  • X2 Spider Analyst D2S System

    The D2S scanner is a dual-channel dryer scanning system designed to meet the unique requirements of ultrasonic inspection on cast iron paper machine dryer rolls.


    The system is user-friendly and provides a wide range of automated capabilities. Dryer calibration is made simple by the addition of step-by-step instructions to guide the user through the process. Automated data acquisition and reporting is also available for several additional types of scans. Graphical printouts of the scan data and dryer roll information are sent to the default printer with just a click of a button.


    The D2S system is built upon the Analyst X™ software and data acquisition system. This allows for the system to be configured to also perform conventional B-scans with a minimal amount of additional components. Analyst X™ D2S offers the best dryer roll inspection system available.

    • Key Features

      Automated calibration

      Reduced zero error

      Fast inspection rates

      Easily viewable A-scan display

      Independent gain and frequency settings

      Access to time-of-flight data

      Ability to re-gate data

      Reliable trending

      Real-time view of thickness profile

    • Package Contents

      X2 Spider Scanner

      ​X Controller/UT Instrument with Touch Screen

      ​Analyst X™  B-Scan Software

      Analyst X™ D2S Add-in

      Main Cable Assembly, 55 ft. (16 m)

      Rugged Transport Case (x3)

      ​Joystick Assembly (X-Series)

      Joystick Cable 50 ft (15 m)

      D2S Dual-Channel Transducer

      ​WS3 Couplant Delivery System

      Tool kit

      Spare parts kit

      Notebook PC and Case

      Wedge Adapter Bracket

      D2S Calibration Blocks (Brass and Carbon Steel)

      D2S Wedge Jumper Cable

    • Additional Package Options

      ​BPS Battery Pack

      Yankee Blocks (Brass and Carbon)

      Main Cable Assembly, 100 ft. (30 m)

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