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H3 Scanner
  • H3 Scanner

    The H3 handheld scanner is a compact, manual scanner for ultrasonic corrosion mapping. This scanner is extremely durable and environmentally sealed to minimize maintenance.


    The system includes an advanced couplant recirculation system that reduces noise and increases signal quality. It also includes a line receiver adapter that interfaces with many popular ultrasonic instruments. The probe shoe is a low-friction, floating design, reducing wear and maintenance.


    The scanner interfaces with the Analyst™ B-scan software, which provides user-friendly data acquisition and reporting. The system can be configured for single or dual-element probes, and an optional telescoping pole can be attached to allow the scanner to reach farther. The H3 scanner provides reliable, high-quality scan maps for a variety of industries.

    • Key Features

      Compact, Rugged Design

      High Quality Connectors

      Low Friction Floating Bubbler Design

      Single and Dual Element Probe Configurations

      Custom Cable Lengths Available

      Interfaces with the Analyst B-scan Software

      Optional Telescoping Pole to Reach Farther

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