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Analyst NDX System
  • Analyst NDX System

    The NDX scanner system provides highly accurate, user-friendly, ultrasonic near-drum scanning. This system was specially designed for scanning near drum tubes, and provides the reliability and quality you have come to expect from ScanTech Instruments.


    The scanner provides continuous revolution and high resolution scanning for rapid, high quality results. The package includes an integrated couplant delivery system that functions when the scanner is in any orientation. It is able to maintain a perpendicular incident probe angle providing a high data return. The scanner is environmentally sealed providing a durable and long-lasting system. The Analyst™ NDX software allows for real-time monitoring of the A-, B-, and C-scans. The high data acquisition rates reduce data error and loss, giving you results you can trust. Reports can be customized for each job and templates can be created for automated reporting. ScanTech provides fast, superior service and support from a proven inspection system manufacturer.

    • Key Features

      High positional accuracy

      Real-time monitoring of scans

      Continuous revolution scanning

      Proprietary low EMI noise motor drives

      Highly integrated, light-weight scanner

      High power and high torque motor drives

      Long term support for acquisition and motor control boards

    • Package Contents

      NDX Scanner System​

      ​X Controller/UT Instrument with Touch Screen

      Analyst NDX™ Software

      Main Cable Assembly, 100 ft. (30 m)

      Rugged Transport Case (x3)

      Small Probe Head

      ​WS3 Couplant Delivery System

      Tool kit

      Spare parts kit

      Notebook PC and Case

    • Additional Package Options

      ​BPS Battery Pack

      Additional Probe Head Sizes

      Extended Length Main Cable Assembly

      Calibration Tube

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