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X Controller
  • X Controller

    ScanTech has engineered an integrated motion controller and ultrasonic instrument that is customizable to each scanner. It can be configured to include a touch screen, velocity control wheel, single and dual-channel transducers, and a port for the Joystick X-Series. The controller is  durable and requires no regular maintenance. There is an emergency stop button mounted on the front of the controller unit to provide an additional measure of safety. The rear of the unit includes LED lights that indicate if any portion of the controller is not receiving power, so you can quickly identify if there is a problem with a connection. The touch-screen interface is intuitive and provides steering control for the scanner. This compact unit only weighs 11 lbs. and  has a volume of 0.51 cubic feet, making it easy to store and easy to carry to the job site.

    • System Features

      Integrated motion control and ultrasonic unit

      Configurable for each scanner

      Emergency stop button

      Optional touch-screen for steering control

      Easy updates via the internet

      Compact and durable

      Easy to maintain

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