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X2 Spider
  • X2 Spider

    The X2 Spider is a 3rd generation, remote scanner capable of ultrasonic corrosion inspection for tanks, pipes and vessels. The parts are machined from billet 6061 Aluminum and 303 stainless steel with strategic cavities for weight reduction. This combination provides a durable yet agile crawler. The X2 is a highly maneuverable system and is capable of traversing difficult obstructions made possible by the high suspension compliance. It is designed with a proprietary direct drive gear set and does not use any belts, chains, set screws, or clamps, which eliminates slippage.


    The unit is completely sealed from the environment and has a hard coat anodized exterior to reduce environmental wear on the system. The scanner utilizes rare earth magnet motors with the highest power density available to provide a high-performing crawler. Single and dual element transducers are included in the system to adjust for variable conditions. Each scanner is manufactured in-house and is rigorously tested, so you can trust that the scanner you receive is of the highest quality.

    • Key Features

      Capability: Includes a sealed positional encoder for B-scan acquisition

      Accessibility: Capable of navigating obstructions up to 2” high with all wheels contacting the surface

      Automation: Analyst™X Software provides automated data acquisition, analysis, and reporting

      Adaptability: Can be paired with the D2S software to inspect paper machine dryer rolls

    • Package Contents

      X2 Spider Scanner

      ​X Controller/UT Instrument with Touch Screen

      ​Analyst™ X Software

      Main Cable Assembly, 100 ft. (30 m)

      Rugged Transport Case (x3)

      ​Joystick Assembly (X-Series)

      Joystick Cable 50 ft (15 m)

      2.25, 5, or 10 MHz single element or 5 MHz dual element transducer

      ​WS3 Couplant Delivery System

      Tool Kit

      Spare Parts Kit

      Notebook PC and Case

      ACR Dual Bubbler Assembly

      Coaxial Cable

      Ethernet Cable

    • Additional Package Options

      ​BPS Battery Pack

      Single/dual element transducers

      Extended joystick cable (100 ft.)

      Custom cable lengths

      Analyst™ D2S paper machine dryer inspection

      Full automation compatible controller

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