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XS "Switchgear"
  • XS "Switchgear"

    The XS “Switchgear” System is ScanTech’s answer to the ever-growing number of applications for ultrasonic scanning. The entire system was meticulously engineered with a single purpose in mind: to design a collection of modules that could be combined into a variety of unique scanners. The XS system allows you to adapt and upgrade the scanner as your needs evolve. This reduces startup, upgrade, and maintenance costs.


    The XS scanner received its “Switchgear” nickname from the very nature of the design. There are several gear pack modules that can be interchanged to meet the needs of a variety of jobs. Different configurations allow for different length scans, manual or automatic drive, and different varieties of transducers to be combined to create your individual scanner. With five unique combinations of modules and more in development, we are certain that there is an XS Scanner that can fulfill your NDT needs.

    • Key Features

      Custom engineered gear packs with direct coupled drive

      Custom stroke lengths

      Solutions for single, dual, TOFD, and phased array transducers

      Configurable to work on vessels and pipes performing b-scans, raster scans, and weld scans

      Precision positioning providing reliable scan maps

      No pipe diameter adjustments required

      High power and high torque motor drives

      Scans pipes as small as 3"

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