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Ultra Fast B-Scanner

The X2 Spider - B Scanner​​

  •   Ultra Fast B-Scanning 

  •   Speed: 10 in/sec 

  •   Navigates Obstructions up to 2" High

  •   Capable of inspecting Paper Machine Dryer Rolls

  •   No Slippage Design with No Belts, Chains, or Clamps

  •   Good at Tank Shell, Roof, and Floor Inspection

Compact Handheld Ultrasonic Scanner

The H3 - Handheld Scanner ​

  •   Compact, Extremely Durable Design

  •   Sealed from the Environment

  •   High Quality Connectors

  •   Low Friction Floating Bubbler Design

  •   Single and Dual Element Probe Configurations

  •   Good at Tank Shell, Roof, and Floor Inspection

Automated Raster Scanner for rugged environments

The XR Spider - Corrosion Mapping Scanner

  •   Automated Raster Unit

  •   High Performance and Durability for Rugged Environments

  •   Extended Range of Applications

  •   Capable of Scanning a 3" pipe with No Probe Adjustments 

  •   No Pipe Diameter Adjustments Required

  •   Good at Tank Shell and Floor Inspection

User Friendly B-Scanning Software

Analyst X™ Software for B-Scanning

  •   Compatible with the X2 Spider and D2S Systems

  •   User-Friendly Navigation

  •   Automated Data Acquisition and Reporting

  •   Guided Calibration

  •   Overlay Multiple B-Scans for Comparison

User Friendly C-Scanning Software

Analyst XR™ Software for C-Scanning

  •   Compatible with the XR Spider and XS “Switchgear” Scanners

  •   User-Friendly Navigation

  •   Includes Calibration Wizard

  •   Automated Data Acquisition and Analysis

  •   Generates a 3D Model of Scan Data

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